National Championships 2024


The 2024 Devon Yawl Nationals will be held at Plymouth on Saturday 22nd / Sunday 23rd June 2024, hosted by the Royal Western Yacht Club. Notice of Race with further details HERE.

National Championships 2023


A fantastic weekend at the Yealm Yacht Club with perfect weather! Congratulations to Elly Pegg & Danny Faye for a stunning performance and thanks to Chris Matthews as Race Officer, the many organisers, safety boat crews, helpers and to all of the competitors for great event. Full report to follow, but for a taste of the weekend here's a video by Agile Air from the Sunday: LINK (opens in new tab)

Full Results

National Championships 2022


The Brixham Yacht Club, in Devon, hosted the 24th Devon Yawl National Championships over the weekend of 2nd & 3rd July.

A total of 8 Devon Yawls entered, including 3 boats from Topsham S.C., 3 from the Yealm Y.C, 1 from Newport Boat Club and 1 from Dawlish.

The weekend was forecast to be medium South Westerlies, 12-17 knots on the Saturday and more breeze on the Sunday from the North West.

Saturday arrived, a cloudy day, with overnight rain hanging around. However the day dried out and the breeze was as forecast.

The race format for the weekend was to be six races, (three each day) of approximately 1 hour duration on a triangle, sausage, triangle course.


Race 1. A clear start in 8-10 knots of breeze saw the fleet spread out across the course over the relatively long beat with DY13 Rob & Alex Graham leading at the windward mark, closely followed by DY186, Tim & Gemma Petitt, third round was DY351 Ed William-Hawkes and Strangler. These positions held for the two reaches of the triangle and the second beat, however on the run home to the finish, DY186 closed up on DY13, and on the gybe to the last mark before the reach to the finish managed to get an inside overlap, just pipping Rob & Alex to the gun, and it was a proper gun!


Race 2. After a bit of a tussle on the start line, just before the start, causing 3 boats to come together, DY186 led off the line and managed to sail a clear race to lead all the way to the finish. However there was a good fight between DY351, DY13 and DY141 Mike & Rowan Roberts for the other podium positions. DY351 pulling clear on the second beat leaving a close tussle between DY141 and DY13 on the final downwind leg, with each boat trying to get the inside overlap for the gybe to the finish line. DY141 is the victor after several gybes and close quarters racing.


Race 3. The breeze had picked up a little now to 12-15knots, with some gusts coming down the valley from Churston. A clean start, with DY13 and DY186 swapping tacks up the first beat, and close to each other most of the two reaching legs of the triangle with DY13 just ahead, all the concentration was on this match for the 2nd and final beat. However, DY96 James McNaughton and crew Lewis spotted an opportunity and a shift on the ‘unfashionable left’ as they called it later, and popped out ahead at the windward mark, closely followed by DY13 and DY186. On the last run with DY96 well ahead DY13 & DY186 started on opposite gybes, and DY186 just edged ahead on the downwind and crossed ahead of DY13 on the gybe to get the inside lane at the last mark before the finish gate.


What was surprising was that though only a small fleet, the racing was as close as ever, and the fleet was not spread out across the course, at one point on the last run on race two, 3x boats were line abreast on the run.


The fleet returned to the Brixham Y.C. events pontoon for a well earned beer/cup of tea. Followed by dinner of fish & chips, well it was Brixham, home of the UK’s largest fish market.


Sunday was forecast to be lighter winds and sunny, however although sailing out to the start line, the winds were lighter, they soon built to 15-17knots during race 4, with plenty of sunshine.

Now from the N.W. the windward mark was laid into the head of the bay at Paignton. There were some good shifts coming off the land, and getting into the correct shift would prove essential for a good result.

Unfortunately for Mike Roberts DY141, a crewing problem meant he couldn’t get out on the Sunday, however he joined the rescue boat to keep an eye on the fleet of seven.

DY304 had made some overnight tweaks to the rig, and came back with a stronger set of results on day two.


Race 4. DY13 Rob & Alex Graham and DY304 Jay & Graham Williamson led off the start line and went up the middle, cross tacking and making the most of the puffs coming out from the Paignton shore. It was a close race between the two boats, with DY13 just coming out the victor.

It was noticeable now, that the shifty beat was spreading the fleet out more than on the Saturday, making for some large gains and losses which became evident by Race 5.


Race 5. DY351 Ed Williams – Hawkes and crew Strangler spotted an advantage out to the right hand side of the first beat, and enjoyed a good starboard tack lift almost up to the mark, those on the left hand side of the course lost out. DY121 with David, Helen and son Daniel Matthews, sailing three up, made it to second around the windward mark. DY186 concentrating on DY13 up the beat was caught out on a port & starboard with DY91 and had to do a penalty turn.


Race 6. The right hand side of the beat was now looking very popular, the fleet bunched up at the committee boat end looking for an early tack onto port. DY304 won the start at the committee boat end, and then tacked off on to port heading out to the right. DY186 managed to be over at the start, and had to return and restart. DY 304 Jay & Graham Williamson from Newport Boat Club led the fleet around the course, never looking threatened and took the final race win. DY13 Rob & Alex Graham sailed a strong race, short tacking on every shift up the middle and were rewarded with a second place, which secured them the overall championship win.


What was noticeable was that there were 5 different winners from the six races, getting a good start, as ever is crucial in getting out into the lead and sailing your own race.


Brixham Yacht Club and Mike Roberts did a fantastic job of organising the boats to be recovered to their trailers, the shore crew using their Land Rover with front tow hitch, pulled all the yawls up the slipway and lined them up for packing away.

The prize giving was held at Brixham Yacht Club, and thanks given to the race committee for organising the event, particularly Mike Roberts, race officer Peter, the committee boat crew and the rescue boat drivers, not forgetting the chef and bar staff for fantastic food and drink.

Looking forward to next year’s Devon Yawl nationals at the Yealm Y.C. at Newton Ferrers.

Tim Petitt, DY186

Results below:

Posn. Sail No. Helm/Crew Club Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 POINTS
1 DY13 Rob Graham / Alexandra Graham YYC 2 (4) 3 1 3 2 11
2 DY351 Ed Williams-Hawkes/ Strangler TSC 3 2 4 4 1 3 13
3 DY186 Tim Petitt / Gemma Petitt YYC 1 1 2 (5) 5 5 14
4 DY304 Jay Williamson / Graham Williamson NBC 5 (6) 5 2 2 1 15
5 DY96 James McNaugton / Lewis TSC 4 (5) 1 3 4 4 16
6 DY91 Adrian Troop / Steve Keats TSC 6 (7) 6 6 6 6 30
7 DY141 Michael Roberts / Rowan Roberts TCYC 7 3 7 (9 DNC) 9 DNC 9 DNC 35
8 DY121 David Matthews / Helen Matthews / Daniel Matthews YYC (8) 8 8 7 7 7 37

Link to Sailwave results HERE

Rob & Alex Graham receive the 2022 DYA Nats winner's trophy from Michael Roberts

National Championships 2021


2021 Devon Yawl National Championships.

The Yealm Yacht Club, in Newton Ferrers, Devon, hosted the 23nd Devon Yawl National Championships over the weekend of 26th & 27th June.

A total of 24 Devon Yawls entered, including the local Yealm YC fleet, plus visitors from Topsham SC, Salcombe YC, Hamble River SC, Bosham SC, Dawlish and Newport BC, Wales. The four strong Bosham SC. visiting fleet was particularly keen, having had to wait a year as they had previously planned to compete in the 2020 event that was cancelled.

The weekend was forecast to be medium Easterlies on the Saturday and a strong breeze on the Sunday from the North East, along with rain.

Saturday arrived with an Easterly breeze of 10 - 14 knots.

The format for the day was to be three races, of approximately 1 hour duration on traditional triangle with a beat and two reaches then a windward leeward, also known as a Triangle-Sausage Course.

The race officer, Chris Matthews set the first race on time at 1030hrs.

The race was led by off the line by DY128 followed by DY377, the upwind and downwind legs didn’t particularly favour a side, more a task of picking shifts and pressure coming down the course.

Boats were heading left, right and up the middle with place changes through the fleet, and at the front close racing between DY377, DY128 and DY351. The one incident on the first lap that comes to mind was DY186 who caught the anchor line of the windward mark on its rudder and managed to drag it several metres down the reach before releasing it. This helping (or hindering) the following boats, depending on your point of view!

The finishing order was DY377 first, then DY351. However the sailing instructions stated that part of the course was to sail through the start/-finish line on each upwind leg, which caught out a few boats on the first race that failed to do so, including the race winner DY377, thus giving race one to DY351.

Race two. Now everyone was in race mode, and keen to get a good start. Some boats were a bit too keen, which resulted in a general recall. The re-start was to be under the Black Flag, 1 minute rule.

After some confusion with the flags/sound signals race two got cleanly underway. DY54 led from the start, closely followed by DY383. Both boats pulling out a substantial lead over the rest of the fleet. The left hand side of the course was starting to be favoured, with boats heading out to the right losing out.

There was some excitement again at the windward mark as a 30ft sailing yacht seemed to be in some kind of trouble and was drifting towards the windward mark, with sails flapping. A motor launch and the race safety boats came to help and manoeuvred the yacht away. It was later seen safely under tow.

By now the two leading boats had separated out from the fleet, with DY383 slowing gaining on DY54. With DY54 leading to the finish, DY383 made good use of a slightly biased finish line and just pipped DY54 for the win.

Race three. A clean start, and still no favoured route up the first beat. However the strengthening tidal current was having an effect at the windward mark, which made approaching on the starboard lay line tricky to judge as you were being swept onto the mark. More and more boats were now favouring the port approach, which made it even more difficult to judge on starboard as they tacked on the starboard lay line. Some boats having to do several tacks to clear the mark in the last few metres, with DY351 unfortunately being stranded on the mark as the fleet sailed past.

Having clear air at the front helped and DY186 managed to hold off a very close DY383 on the downwind legs, just breaking overlaps at the last moment when coming into the bottom mark. However it was almost a repeat of race two at the short beat to the finish with DY383 coming back strongly to the favoured end of the finish line. DY186 just clinched it.

With no one boat running away with the results, and three races to run on the Sunday, the event was still wide open. After the completion of the days racing all the boats headed back to their moorings in the River Yealm for the night. A hog roast was laid on at the Yealm Yacht Club, for the 90 competitors, rescue boat drivers, helpers and race committee, plus friends and family.

Sunday dawned, very grey, and windy as forecast. The plus factor being that as a Northerly, the race course was sheltered behind the Wembury cliffs, and the water was lovely and flat.

Several boats took the decision not to race in the gusty conditions, 18-20knots, with gusts of 25+

Although it was grey and drizzly, the sailing conditions were manageable and a course set with the windward mark, just to the left side of the entrance of the River Yealm. This was to play a part in the choice of tactics as the ebb tide from the Yealm estuary built during the day.

Once the first race of the day, race 4, was underway, all thoughts of rain and the strong wind went away. Milling around before the start in windy conditions always seems more fraught, but once racing, the concentration takes over. There were some good shifts in the gusts and lulls that helped in climbing up the ladder through the fleet. The favoured, left side of the beat ensured the windward mark lay line was approached on port for the leading pack. DY377 led closely followed by DY383 and DY186. These positions held, with the three boats finishing in this order. Bosham SC boat, DY53 had a good race finishing fourth.

Once the 5th race was underway, the ebb tide was building and the left side of the beat was becoming more favourable. With a lift from the Northerly breeze over Wembury cliffs, and the windward mark being just at the edge of the tidal current. The gusts were strong enough to get the relatively heavy Devon Yawls planning, not easy in flat water, but the gaps between the leading boats started to spread out over the course. DY186 led, again followed by DY377 and DY383, finishing in that order.

Race six; With two of the three leading boats, DY377 and DY186 having to discard their disqualification from the first race, DY383 was looking strong.

Just as race six was starting the heavens opened and the forecast deluge of rain began. As the race started, the breeze started dropping and becoming patchier. DY186 led for the first three laps, however DY377 closed in on the last full windward leg, the boats rounding the top mark close together. As the wind became lighter on the downwind leg, DY377 rolled to windward of DY186, getting the inside overlap, and rounded the bottom mark ahead, then took the short beat to the finish for a win. Watching were DY383 coming up for a third place, who realised this was the move that could secure their overall win.

The maths then started on the way back to the moorings, and was still going at the Yealm Yacht Club bar, of who had how many points. Not keeping count of the races didn’t help as I/we couldn’t remember all the results, so it was up to the race committee to publish the final placings. In fact only 1 point separated the first three boats (so I think my confusion was justified).

Definitely the closest Devon Yawl nationals to date, well won by Andy Williams and Angus Fellows who sailed a very consistent regatta.

Second and third place DY377 & DY186 had exactly the same set of results, including the disqualification, so were only separated by the position on the last race.

Looking forward to 2022 at Brixham Y.C.

Tim Petitt. DY186.


Results. 2021 Devon Yawl National Championships.

Posn. Sail No. Helm Club Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 POINTS
1 DY383 A Williams YYC (4) 1 2 2 3 3 11
2 DY377 R Larke HRSC (25/NSC) 3 5 1 2 1 12
3 DY186 T Petitt YYC (25/NSC) 5 1 3 1 2 12
4 DY54 D Fellows YYC 3 2 3 (25/RET) 4 6 18
5 DY35 E Pegg YYC (9) 4 4 5 5 5 23
6 DY351 E Williams-Hawkes TSC 1 9 7 (10) 10 7 34
7 DY70 B Fellows YYC (10) 6 9 7 9 4 35
8 DY128 A Wood SYC 2 7 13 (25/NSC) 6 8 36
9 DY311 E Aldaz-Carroll BSC 6 10 6 9 (11) 10 41
10 DY96 J McNaughton TSC 8 (25/NSC) 11 8 8 9 44
11 DY13 R Graham YYC (25/NSC) 12 12 6 12 11 53
12 DY53 W King BSC 14 16 (17) 4 7 13 54
13 DY320 J Whiteley YYC 12 19 (20) 12 13 12 68
14 DY100A A Matthews YYC 11 8 8 (25/DNC) 25/DNC 25/DNC 77
15 DY304 J Williamson NBC 5 15 10 (25/DNC) 25/DNC 25/DNC 80
16 DY141 M Roberts 7 13 16 (25/RET) 25/DNC 25/DNC 86
17 DY121 D Matthews YYC 15 17 19 11 (25/RET) 25/DNC 87
18 DY36 D Sheppard YYC 18 11 15 (25/DNC) 25/DNC 25/DNC 94
19 DY339 S Board BSC 13 14 18 (25/DNC) 25/DNC 25/DNC 95
20 DY30 B Nixon BSC 19 18 14 (25/DNC) 25/DNC 25/DNC 101
21 DY65 R Jeffery YYC 16 20 22 (25/DNC) 25/DNC 25/DNC 108
22 DY92 D Macrae TSC 17 21 21 (25/DNC) 25/DNC 25/DNC 109
23 DY367 J White 20 22 23 (25/DNC) 25/DNC 25/DNC 115
24 DY106 P Hawker YYC 21 23 24 (25/DNC) 25/DNC 25/DNC 118


2021 prize winners were:


Race 1 – Builder’s Trophy – Ed Williams-Hawkes and Strangler

Race 2 – Topsham Plate – Andy Williams and Angus Fellows

Race 3 – Exe Enigma - Tim Petitt and Tony Callcut

Race 4 – Fulford Shield – Rob Larke and Dave Freemantle

Race 5 – Devon Yawl Plate – Tim Petitt and Tony Callcut

Race 6 – Zephyr Challenge Cup – Rob Larke and Dave Freemantle


Overall First – DYA Rose Bowl – Andy Williams and Angus Fellows

Overall Second – Foc’sle Trophy – Rob Larke and Dave Freemantle

Dan Trout Trophy (First Topsham boat)  - Ed Williams-Hawkes and Strangler

Best visiting boat – Eduardo Aldaz-Carroll and Paul Kameen

Andy Williams and Angus Fellows. DY383

Photo credit to 'Paul Gibbins Photography' Link to photographs available from the Saturday racing;

National Championships 2020


The 2020 DY National Championship was scheduled to be held on the Yealm on 4-5 July.

Your Committee has decided that the 2020 Devon Yawl National Championship cannot take place.

The basic reasoning is this:

  • Current RYA guidance taking account of Covid-19 restrictions would not allow the Nationals to be run in any recognisable way
  • No social side is currently practicable
  • There is little prospect of these factors changing in the next month. Even if they do, we cannot reasonably get the organisation together with less than a month’s notice and members need to know one way or the other.

National Championship 2019


Devon Yawl National Championship 2019

Devon’s Brixham Yacht Club hosted the 22nd Devon Yawl National Championship over the weekend of 29-30 June.

The venue, away from a home fleet, saw a small entry of 13 Devon Yawls comprising a local boat and 12 visiting boats from Topsham SC, Yealm YC, Bosham SC, Dittisham SC and Teign Corinthian YC.

The forecast for the weekend was light Easterlies on the Saturday and more breeze on the Sunday from the West.

Saturday arrived. A beautifully sunny day with a gentle Easterly breeze of 4-6 knots. At the briefing there was a discussion about whether or not to postpone racing, take in some crazy golf ashore and wait for the sea breeze to kick in at around 3pm, but the consensus was to get out there and try to get some races in.

The format for the day was to be three races, of approximately 1 hour’s duration on either a windward – leeward or a triangle, sausage, triangle course.

The race officer, Sean Semmens, set the first triangle / sausage course on a perfectly sailable light Easterly breeze of 4-6 knots with a contrary tide on the beat.

DY304 Cook & Kempton led away to the left hand side, closely followed by DY186 Petitt & Callcut and DY349 Buckley & Strangler. This continued to be the order of the first three around the 2 lap race. The elastic joining the three stretched and contracted at various points, but the light breeze, the favoured left side of the course and plenty of covering of the following boat, kept the top three together to finish in that order.

The race officer quickly got the second race, a windward leeward, under way whilst the breeze held. DY304 and DY186 led off from the pin end to the favoured left again, but DY349 and DY100A Matthews & Scholefield both started further back on the line and got a nice starboard lift to cross ahead at the first tack, and these two boats led up the first beat.

The light wind and increasing tidal rate were having an effect on the windward mark now. The tide was running right to left, making it quite tricky to gauge the starboard lay-line. With the first 5 boats converging on the windward mark, the leaders had to put in two extra tacks to get around, giving those coming in on port tack an advantage on an easier to judge layline. Those on starboard tack, were getting headed and swept down by the tide each time they approached the mark.

The run, being down wind and down tide was quite tricky, and keeping the sails filled and boat moving took all one’s concentration. DY349, DY100A & DY304 kept their positions for the second lap to finish in that order.

The third race was a two laps triangle-sausage. The addition of the two reaching legs and only one run, made the downwind sections a little less painful. The starboard layline had now been abandoned by the leading two boats, with them putting in several additional tacks to stay on the left side of the approach. With the wind still light, it was a repeat of race two until the wind died momentarily at the windward mark on the second lap. The three leading boats, DY349, DY304 & DY186 had got around, but as DY35 Pegg & Petitt approached, the wind died and they had to make several tacks to make it round. The rest of the fleet also struggled. However, there was enough breeze to allow all the boats to get around in the end before the breeze died away completely.

With three races successfully completed in very tricky light air conditions, the fleet returned to Brixham harbour to raft up on the Brixham Yacht Club pontoons.

A fantastic buffet was laid on by the Club, including moules-marinieres as starters and a choice of main courses. The food went down very well. It was good to catch up with fellow sailors from previous events and to chat to the crew of DY168, who had made the trip from Bosham Sailing Club.

Several crews stayed over in local B&B’s and one crew overnighted in their support boat. However, as the location was reasonably local for Yealm, Topsham, Teign and Dartmouth crews, many returned home at the end of the evening.

Sunday dawned a bit grey, but the forecast was for a North Westerly breeze, 12-17 knots, which duly arrived. Blowing from an offshore direction, the water was flat, with a small chop and plenty of white horses. Gusting and shifting as the breeze came over the land, it would be a day to keep an eye on your compass (if you had one) and the dark patches of water. There were certainly a few holes in the breeze as you approached the windward mark as would prove crucial later.

The fourth race got underway on time, a three lap triangle-sausage-triangle. With plenty of breeze and full hiking conditions, DY186 sailed up the middle of the course, whilst the bulk of the fleet went left. After a few nerve-racking moments seeing the fleet to the left and trying to pick the shifts, DY186 made it to the windward mark first. Second and third round were DY349 and DY168 Davis & Aldaz-Carroll. The positions remained constant on the two reaches and whilst DY186 stretched out on the next beat, a battle ensued for second and third positions. At the start of the downwind leg, DY168 gybed inside DY349 at the top mark and got the inside overlap, maintaining that position over the third lap to the finish line.

By the fifth race, a three lap windward-leeward, everyone was keen to get a good start (meaning early) and the fleet had a general recall. The race officer then deployed the ‘U’ flag. Similar in effect to the Black Flag 1 minute rule, the difference being that if the race is restarted or recalled then the penalty is rescinded (unlike the Black Flag). Anyhow, it worked and the fleet got away cleanly. The breeze was definitely a good 18 – gusting 20 knots and it was quite a battle up the first beat. DY186 back up the middle, the bulk of the fleet was to the left and DY168, middle to right, cross tacking regularly with DY186. DY35 managed on the next lap to get between DY186 and DY168 to finish second with DY168 third.

New to the 2019 Devon Yawl Nationals was a 6th race. The points were now even between DY186 and DY349, 12 points each in total without discard. The committee set a 3 laps triangle-sausage-triangle course for the last race of the day and the Championship decider.

DY349 started at the pin end heading for the left, and DY186 at the committee boat end, hoping to keep the option open to tack onto port on the first shift.

DY186 however got caught up in a bit of traffic so tacked onto port early, heading for the right hand side. The pin end starters carried on a bit further before tacking onto port, and then picking up a fantastic port lift. The view from the right hand side of the course for DY186 did not look good at all. But, remembering the words from a well-known sailing tactics book, ‘if you find yourself on the wrong side of the course, get back to the correct side of the course now!’,  with dread, DY186 tacked back onto starboard and headed for the left side, noting there were only 3 boats behind, putting 8 ahead.

Coming into the windward mark DY186 managed to get up to 5th, but DY304 and DY349 were coming in to the mark on starboard. DY186 was coming in on the port layline looking to duck DY304 and possibly DY349, the boat DY186 had to beat. With a couple of boat lengths to go, DY304 unexpectedly tacked onto port, because it was not laying the mark. This left a gap for DY186 to tack into and round the mark ahead of both boats. I am fairly certain that was the Championship result changing moment. Meanwhile DY100A and DY35 had rounded the windward mark in that order. DY186 followed DY35 and DY100A down the reaching legs onto the next beat. The priority for DY186 was to cover DY349 up the beat, which it did. On the following run, DY35 and DY100A had a tussle with DY35 coming out ahead. It was enough to allow DY186 to close up to the pair and just get past DY100A on the last beat. By now DY186 was happy to be in second position for the last two reaches, with DY349 two places behind them. The crew on DY35 even had time to take selfies before taking the final race win.

Brixham Yacht Club did a fantastic job of organising all the boats to be recovered to their trailers. The shore crew using their Land Rover with front tow hitch and the Club RIB bringing the Yawls in saw all the boats up the slipway and lined up for packing away.

The prize giving was held at the Yacht Club. The race committee lead by Sean Semmens and his team at Brixham Yacht Club, including the committee boat crew and the rescue boat drivers, not forgetting the chef and bar staff for fantastic food and drink, were thanked.

We are looking forward to next year’s Championship probably to be hosted by the Yealm Yacht Club.

Apologies to anyone who thinks I may have got the description of the racing wrong, but this was how it unfolded from my point of view!

Tim Petitt, DY186

Results below;

Posn. Sail No. Helm/Crew Club Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 POINTS
1 DY186 Tim Petitt / Tony Callcut YYC 2 (5) 3 1 1 2 9
2 DY349 Shane Buckley / Strangler TSC 3 1 1 3 (4) 4 12
3 DY304 Ian Cook / Tom Kempton TSC 1 3 2 5 5 (6) 16
4 DY35 Elly Pegg / Ed Petitt YYC 5 4 4 (6) 2 1 16
5 DY168 Ben Davis / Eduardo Aldaz-Carroll BSC 4 (9) 6 2 3 5 20
6 DY100A Andrew Matthews / Ian Scholefield YYC (10) 2 8 7 6 3 26
7 DY52 Mark & Helen Phillips YYC 7 (10) 9 8 7 7 38
8 DY351 Ed Williams-Hawkes/Tim Coombes TSC 11 8 5 4 (14)




9 DY91 Adrian Troop / Steve Keats TSC 8 11 10 14


8 8 45
10 DY141 Mike Roberts / Rebecca Roberts TCYC 6 6 7 14






11 DY92 Don Macrae / Jon Eyres TSC 9 7 12 9 14




12 DY102 Mike Bennet / Neil Drew DSC (12) 12 11 10 9 9 51
13 DY50 Andrew Hoole / Cheryl Hoole BYC 13 14










2018 National Championships


Our 2018 event celebrating 50 years since DY1 was moulded was held on the Yealm on the weekend of 30th June and 1st July.

Here’s the report of the event written by our National Champion Tim Petitt and supported by photographs by Jon Pegg.

21st Devon Yawl National Championships at Yealm Yacht Club

The Yealm Yacht Club, Newton Ferrers in Devon, hosted the 21st Devon Yawl National Championship in the year of the 50th Anniversary of the Devon Yawl over the weekend of 30 June - 1 July.
23 Devon Yawls and one Devon Dayboat entered, including 12 visiting boats from Topsham, Dittisham, Dawlish and Bristol.
A strong Easterly was forecast for the weekend. However, Saturday saw a beautiful sunny day with a brisk NE breeze of 15-18 knots, gusting 22, blowing off the land giving flat water, though shifty.
The format for the day was three races of approximately 1 hour’s duration on a traditional triangle, windward-leeward, triangle course. The course was set in toward the mouth of the River Yealm and the fleet was clean away for the first start.
The fresh, gusty conditions collected the first two port/starboard incidents, with two bowsprits broken on DY91 and DY352 and their subsequent retirements. A broken jib tack fitting on DY1 (DY141) saw the third retirement and DY65 was swamped when the mainsheet stuck in the jammer. These four kept the support boats busy.
For the rest of the fleet the fresh conditions saw great sailing. The windward mark was set in the River entrance on the ebb tide. The fleet split left and right, choosing a side to minimise tidal influence. DY186 went right and arrived at the windward mark first, closely followed by DY383 which went left. Most of the fleet went left and arrived at the windward mark on port causing some excitement with the port rounding.
DY186 then led from start to finish, closely followed by DY383. DY35 held onto third from DY100 in fourth. Coincidentally, this was to exactly mirror the final placings.
With the first race completed, the wind eased a little and then sprang up from a new direction, a shift of 30 degrees to the East.
The windward mark was now open to the sea in the East, the wind picked up again to 18-20 knots and a short chop started building. The second race started with an individual recall and two boats returned to restart. The beat was very even, with no particular side being favoured and DY35 and DY377 had a close race, changing positions regularly with DY35 just pipping DY377 to the finish. DY383 sailed a solid race for third. DY186, having gone back to restart, worked its way through the fleet to finish fourth.
The conditions now were fresh, with white tops and choppy conditions. ‘Champagne Sailing’ saw the Yawls onto the plane in the gusts down the waves.

A 45 minute lunch break after the second race allowed some recovery time before the third race of the day. The course was adjusted slightly but the windward mark remained in the same Easterly direction, along the coastline.
The race, initially led by DY377, turned into an epic battle. All three leading boats, DY377, DY35 and DY186 regularly swapping positions as the wind swung left and right. DY35 opting for the left side on the second beat seemed to have an advantage over the right side and did a very neat job of tacking inside DY377 at the mark to take the lead. Seeing the advantage, DY186 applied the left in the next beat and managed to get alongside DY35 for the last run. Both boats enjoyed running with jibs poled out in 25 knot gusts as DY186 got to hold the inside line at the bottom mark. On the rounding and short beat to the finish DY186 slightly over stood allowing DY35 to get back alongside, though to leeward. Half a boat length separated the finish positions. DY377 finished third and DY383 fourth.

Sunday dawned with a torrential downpour and less wind. The forecast was for the breeze to build to Saturday’s conditions and for the rain to ease, which thankfully it did.

The wind had shifted back to the NE, which entailed laying the windward mark in the entrance to the River once more. With the tide starting its ebb, the decision to go left or right up the first beat to avoid the tide resulted in the right side paying. DY186 arrived first from the right with DY351 close behind. The left side boats were not far behind making for a congested first mark rounding and changing of positions. DY383 came out best and secured second place.
The final run saw the kicker fitting on the boom of DY186 give up as the helm forgot to ease it on the bear away at the top mark. A quick lashing onto the boom and re-attachment of the kicker block saw disaster averted and DY186 manage to stay in the lead to the finish. DY383 finished second, DY 304 third and DY100 fourth. Championship contender DY35, after going back at the start, fought back through the fleet to finish sixth.

The fifth and final race saw a similar breeze to race four. Again, with the tide ebbing the decision to go right on a long port tack was paying off. DY383 managed to get off the line and tacked onto port first, leading the race with clear air from start to finish. DY35 followed up the right hand side. DY352, with a new bowsprit fitted after Saturday’s collision, also had a good start and was third to the windward mark. A battle developed between the second, third and fourth place boats to hold the right hand lane. DY186 eventually managed to get through to claim second place. DY35 coming in third and DY352 fourth.

As the fleet returned to the Yealm, the grey skies cleared, the sun came out and the sea was blue again. Perfect finish to a great weekend.
Special thanks go to Ullman Sails for providing T-Shirts and sail-bags as prizes and to Selden for water bottles for every competitor.
Tim Petitt, DY186
Results below;

Sail No. Helm/Crew Club Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 POINTS Posn.
DY186 Tim Petitt / Tony Callcut YYC 1 4 1 1 2 5 1
DY383 Andy & Vicky Williams YYC 2 3 4 2 1 8 2
DY35 Elly Pegg / Ed Petitt YYC 3 1 2 6 3 9 3
DY100 Richard Babbage / Mark Trout TSC 4 5 10 4 6 19 4
DY377 Adam Parry / Beki Roberts NSC 10 2 3 10 5 20 5
DY60 Alistair Morley /Scott McCready YYC 8 7 7 5 11 27 6
DY80A Tim Yonge / John Leale YYC 9 6 5 7 14 27 7
DY 304 Iain Cook /  Tom Kempton TSC 16 9 6 3 12 30 8
DY188 Adam Booth / Justin Sluce YYC 6 11 8 14 7 32 9
DY351 Ed Williams-Hawkes/Tim Coombe TSC 7 8 9 8 10 32 10
DY96 James & Bella Mc Naughton TSC 11 10 11 9 9 39 11
DY171 Rich &  Nigel Watsham TSC 5 25 25 11 8 49 12
DY102 Mike Bennett / Neil Drew DSC 19 12 12 13 13 50 13
DY160 John Skelton / Jonny Moulsdale TSC 12 13 14 15 18 54 14
DY320 Julian Whiteley / Gemma Matthews YYC 14 14 13 18 17 58 15
DY372 Richard King / Ros Mears YYC 15 15 15 17 15 60 16
DY352 John Bradley / John Sleep TSC 25 25 25 12 4 66 17
DY92 Donald Macrae / Mike Brooks TSC 17 16 25 19 19 71 18
DY1 Mike &  Rowan Roberts 25 17 25 16 16 74 19
DY100A Andrew & Cathy Matthews YYC 25 25 25 25 25 100 =20
DY112 Martin Cawse / Barbara Mackay YYC 25 25 25 25 25 100 =20
DD24 Steve Evans / John Read 25 25 25 25 25 100 =20