Dart Fleet

Dart Fleet

The local Fleet consists of some 10 Devon Yawls.

The River Dart offers 12 miles of navigable waters between Dartmouth and Totnes in South Devon. This area is an ideal place to sail as the river flows through a beautiful combination of green fields and woods with a number of riverside pubs and cafes up hidden creeks at Stoke Gabriel and Bow Creek. The river meets the sea through the vibrant deep water harbour of Dartmouth.

The whole tidal river is navigable at all stages of the tide which means that there is a choice of sailing in Start Bay or if too windy sailing up and down the Dart. Launch and recovery is straight forward. At Dittisham it is from the beach about 2 hours either side of high tide. There are visitors moorings and a water taxi. At Dartmouth there is a slip next to the Upper Ferry at all stages of the tide where there are also moorings and a water taxi.

Many of the Devon Yawls are cruised and most are based at Dittisham Sailing Club. This friendly club runs handicap racing and has a cruising section. Further details at www.dittishamsc.org.uk

Racing takes place on Wednesday evenings out in Start Bay organised by the Royal Dart Yacht Cub. Here a small number of Devon Yawls compete in a combined Yawl/Squib fleet. The major event in the calendar is the Dartmouth Regatta which takes place at the end of August. Full details at www.dartmouthsailingweek.com

Dittisham Saling Club also have their own Regatta which also takes place in August, and numerous other events. Visitors are welcome.

More information available from Mike Bennett, DY 102, mandpbennett@btinternet.com or 01803 722307